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Presently because the postal service of each country is blocked, the delivery of international package may be delayed as compared with the regular delivery schedule (especially delivery to the USA and the U.K.). We will e-mail you the shipment notice (shipping advice) after the commodity is shipped, and we will provide you the serial number of the post; you can click the following link to check the “shipment track,” thanks!

As for the countries that can’t be mailed to, we have to wait for the countries’ governments “deregulate the international package,” before the packages can be shipped. As regards the time of deregulation, please contact the “post office of the country that you belong to.”

新商品預購 New Commodity Pre-Order


預購日期:2021 / 04 / 18 (20:00) - 04 / 24 (24:00) 台灣時間


付款期限:除了使用信用卡之外,請在二天內完成付款(自訂購日起算,如:1/1下單,1/3 23:59 過後,如尚未完成付款,則系統會「自動取消您的訂單,無故棄單累計三次則會納入黑名單)


預計寄出日期:2021 / 06 / 15






  1. 7-11交貨便請「填寫正確的中文姓名」不要使用英文、代號、綽號、符號⋯⋯等非正式的名稱,無法領取包裹責任自負°
  2. 訂單請填寫正確與會使用的mail,出貨通知,商品確認都會使用email°
  3. 請填寫正確收件地址、姓名與電話,如填寫錯誤導致包裹退回,則需「再次負擔運費」才能再次寄出°
  4. 期間不定期公佈新商品製作進度,如有提前完成會先行寄出°
  5. 請將您想要的商品一起訂購在「同一張訂單」,很抱歉因為網站後台沒有「併單功能」為避免人工出貨失誤與遺漏,恕無法幫您併單,不便之處請見諒°



  1. 商品在製作過程中,會因為種種因素導致延遲,而完成之期就會順延,請相信我比你更想早點讓商品交你手上,但在這之前會希望能夠把商品品質顧好,讓商品完整且完好的才會寄出,讓你的等待是值得的,請放心要出貨前都會再通知,感謝您的願意等待。
  2. 現貨商品請勿與預購商品一起下單,一起下單無法拆單,也無法分開寄送,一筆訂單限一個地址。
  3. 部分預購優惠商品或預購贈品,僅限於預購才有。
  4. 以上規範,經「下單並付款」後就視為同意,無法以任何理由取消或退訂。



New Commodity Pre-Order

Pre-Order Date : 2021 / 04 / 18 (20:00 Taiwan Time) - 04 / 24 (24:00)

Payment Method: Paypal(4.4%) (Please make the payment immediately after placing an order, so that the purchase order shall become effective; if exceeding the payment terms, the order will be canceled automatically.)

Estimated Shipment Date : 2021 / 06 / 15

Shipping Method: International parcel of Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. (We will provide “delivery order number” for inquiry.)


  1. Please fill out the correct email on the purchase order; we will use send the shipment notice and commodity confirmation to the email address.
  2. Please fill out the correct recipient’s address, name and telephone number; if there are any errors when filling out, resulting in the parcel returned to us, you will have to “bear the shipping fee again” for us to send the parcel to you again. 
  3. During the process, we will announce without a fixed schedule the progress of new commodities’ manufacturing, and we will ship the goods beforehand if we finish ahead of time.  
  4. Please list the commodities you would like to order in “the same purchase order.” Since our website backstage has no “order combining” function, to avoid mistake and omission caused by manual order handling, please note that we are unable to combine orders for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

Please read the following rules carefully before pre-order to avoid disputes:

  1. In the commodity’s manufacturing process, there may be all kinds of factors causing delay, and the completion date will be postponed. Please believe that we would like to hand in the commodity to you even earlier. However before this, we hope to take good care of the commodity quality, so that the commodity can be complete, intact, and in good condition, and make your waiting worthwhile. Please set your mind at ease. We will give notice before shipment, and thanks for your willing to wait. 
  2. Please do not order the goods in stock and the pre-ordered goods at the same time in one order. We could not split the order if you place the order together, and we would not ship the goods separately. One purchase order shall be limited to one delivery address only. 
  3. Part of the pre-ordered preferential commodities or pre-ordered gifts are restricted to making order to the pre-order merely. 
  4. It’s deemed that you agree the above-mentioned rules if you “place an order and then make the payment,” and you cannot cancel or withdraw the order with any reasons. 

For bulk purchase, please email to inquire for the preferential details:



先行予約日:2020 / 12 / 10 (20:00 台湾時間) - 12 / 17 (24:00)


お届け予定日:2021 / 02 / 28




  1. ご利用中の正しいメールアドレスを記入していただいて、出荷のお知らせや商品の確認は電子メールを通じます。
  2. 正しい住所、名前、電話番号をご記入ください。ご記入内容が間違って、荷物を返却した場合は、「送料をもう一度を支払う」必要があります。
  3. 不定期で新商品の製作の進捗状況を公表し繰り上げて完成する場合、より早く送りいたします。


  1. 製造過程では、さまざまな要因により遅延することがあり、そして完成日も遅れることになって、お客様のご要望やご期待に一日も早く添えるように尽力したいですが、商品の品質もとても大切で必ず商品は完璧に作られてから出荷し、また出荷前にお客様にお知らせを送ります。ご協力を誠にありがとうございます。
  2. 在庫商品と先行予約商品を一緒に注文することはできません。また商品を一緒に注文する場合、分けることができません。分けて発送することもできません。一つ注文は一つの届け先に限られています。
  3. 一部の先行予約商品には優待券やギフトがあります。但し先行予約に限定されています。
  4. 上記の規定は、「注文と支払い」を済んでから合意を見なすことで、あらゆる理由で注文の取り消しや解除をしかねます。ご了承ください。



Part of the pre-ordered preferential commodities or pre-ordered gifts are restricted to making order to the pre-order merely.