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  1. 請將您想要的商品一起訂購在「同一張訂單」,很抱歉因為網站後台沒有「併單功能」未避免人工出貨失誤與遺漏,述無法幫您併單,不便之處請見諒°
  2. 請正確填寫收信email與收件資訊(地址、電話與姓名)訂購後系統會發送「確認信」到email,期間商品出貨有問題也會email通知你,商品出貨時也會發送email通知。
  3. 請在收到「商品寄出email」後留意你的包裹,國際運送會以台灣郵政寄送,寄出時間會依照寄往不同國家運送天數也會不同,海關查驗速度與工作天也會不同,工作天大約10~14天。
  4. 台灣運送:包裹寄送方式有兩種711店取和郵局寄送
  5. 選擇「711店取」請在取貨時間內取貨,超過取貨時間被退回,需要再次負擔運費才能寄出。
  6. 選擇「郵局寄送」郵差會親送兩次,如果無法投遞會發出「自行取件通知」請在時間內取貨,超過時間被退回,需要負擔「退回費+再次寄出運費」才能寄出。
  7. 國際運送:每一個國家郵務士「投遞狀況」與「運送方式」以該國為主,可以登入訂單查詢您的包裹動態並且主動留意包裹動態。
  8. 包裹如「投遞失敗」或「招領逾期」導致包裹退回,需要再次負擔「退回費+再次寄送的運費」(備註:退回費是郵局運送收取)
  9. 以上,下單後即表示同意以上規範,不得異議。

Before placing an order, please pay attention to the following.

  1. Please correctly fill out the email address that is available for you to receive the emails, as well as the recipient’s information (address, telephone number, and name). The system will send a “confirmation letter” to your email automatically after you place the order; during the period, if there is any problem with the commodity’s shipment, we will notice you by email; we will also send an email to notice you when the commodity is shipped. 
  2. Please keep an eye on the delivery of your parcel after receiving the email noticing the commodity has been shipped. For international delivery, we will send the commodity by Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. (中華郵政). The number of days of delivery will be different according to varied countries to mail to, and the speed of customs inspection and the working days will also be different; the working days shall be 10~14 days approximately. 
  3. International delivery: The “delivery condition” and the “delivery method” of postmen of each country shall be subject to the regulations of each country. You can log in with the purchase order number to track the delivery progress of your parcel. Please pay attention to the delivery progress actively.
  4. If there is a “delivery failure,” or “the time limit for claiming the parcel has been exceeded,” resulting in the parcel returned to us, you will have to bear the “returning fee + the freight to mail the parcel again”. (Remarks: the returning fee shall be collected by the post office for its delivery)
  5. If you choose to place the order, it is deemed that you agree the above-mentioned rules, and there shall be no objections.