PreOrder 新品預購

預購日期:即日起至 2024 / 05 / 05 止 

預計出貨日期:2024 / 07 / 下旬




  1. 預購商品為接單生產,無法退換貨,除非商品有瑕疵或寄錯商品
  2. 收到商品後請檢查,包裝請勿拆開,如拆封後任何理由都無法退換貨,即使是寄錯商品也是。
  3. 瑕疵商品認定:商品頁面都會儘可能以文字和圖片說明,非瑕疵部分如:設計上本身有故意的墨漬、不對稱、錯位、白墨考量與方式,為正常現象無法以瑕疵理由退貨,購買前請留意圖片顯示。
  4. 每一捲紙膠帶總長度,都會比商品頁面上所載明的「還要長一些」,紙膠帶的起始部分有時候會因機器裁切「會有裁切到或歪斜」部分,實屬為正常情況,也因總長度有多給一些,如遇這情況為非瑕疵,故無法退換貨,還請留意。
  5. 印章部分,木頭取手因爲實木,每一顆紋路與顏色都會有差異,實屬正常非瑕疵。
  6. 預購商品和現貨商品請分開下單,如在同一訂單內,會等預購商品製作完成再一起出貨,無法拆單或分開寄送。


  1. 下單後,如遇可能搬家或可能出國,需要更改地址或延後寄出,還請IG私訊或訂單內留言告知才能安排,商品寄出後無法更改請留意。
  2. 7-11取貨,請填寫正確的中文姓名(證件上的名字),請勿填寫英文名字、綽號或符號,如因店員核對名字無法領貨,請自行承擔。
  3. 商品逾期未領遭退回,無法退款。
  4. 如因個人因素導致商品遭退回,需再次負擔運費70元+處理費25元=共計95元,才能再次寄出。


Pre-order Period: From now until May 5, 2024.

Estimated Shipping Date: Late July 2024.

The estimated shipping date is tentative. In case of earlier shipping, items will be sent out accordingly. Any delays will be announced on Instagram. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please carefully read the following important notes. Any matters not covered here can be referred to the "Pre-order Terms" page in the navigation bar above. These terms apply to both pre-order and in-stock items. Placing an order implies agreement without objection. Thank you.

Pre-Purchase Notices: Regarding Products

  1. Pre-order items are made to order and cannot be returned or exchanged unless there is a defect or an incorrect item is shipped.
  2. Upon receiving the product, please check it without opening the packaging. Once the seal is broken, no returns or exchanges will be accepted for any reason, including incorrect items.
  3. Criteria for defective items: The product pages will endeavor to describe defects with text and images. Non-defective aspects such as intentional ink stains, asymmetry, misalignment, or intentional white ink considerations are normal phenomena and cannot be grounds for returns. Please pay attention to the displayed images before purchasing.
  4. The total length of each roll of tape will be slightly longer than stated on the product page. Occasionally, the starting portion of the tape may be cut or skewed due to machine cutting. As this is a normal occurrence and extra length is provided, such cases are not considered defects and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  5. For stamp parts, due to the nature of solid wood, each piece will have differences in grain patterns and colors, which are normal variations and not defects.
  6. Please place separate orders for pre-order and in-stock items. If combined in the same order, pre-order items will be shipped together once production is complete, and orders cannot be split or shipped separately.

Pre-Shipping Notices

  1. After placing an order, if you anticipate moving or traveling abroad and need to change the shipping address or delay shipment, please inform us via Instagram direct message or leave a message in your order. Changes can only be accommodated before the item is shipped, so please be mindful. Once the item is shipped, changes cannot be made.
  2. If the item is not collected within the specified timeframe and is returned, refunds cannot be