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Big Starry Night Stamp 大星夜印章

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Big Starry Night Stamp 大星夜印章






NO.01 / 大星夜印章 / 散步

NO.02 / 大星夜印章 / 夜晚

NO.03 / 大星夜印章 / 營火

尺寸:8 x 8 cm




Big Starry Night Stamp 

The starlit and misty nightis hallucinatory, and with a bit mystic atmosphere.

On the natural earth, somethingamusing is on. 

It’s nice and cool to take awalk at night; shuttling in the woods and going on an adventure are tense andexciting. 

I like to look up at thestarry sky; the stars are twinkling, just like blinking at you and smiling. 

With the campfire under astar-studded sky, the little glim is so warm, and the distance between the hearts becomes closer. 

There are three styles of large-sizedStarry Night Stamp, each with respective scenery for you to collect.

The Big Starry Night Stampsare large-sized stamps, and you can use the stamp pad of blue color system; Youcan make use of light color and deep color to create the gradation effect justlike the scenery of night.


NO.01 / Big Starry Night Stamp / Takea walk

NO.02 / Big Starry Night Stamp / Night

NO.03 / Big Starry Night Stamp / Campfire

Size : 8 x 8 cm

Materials : Wood, rubber, and high resilience foam.

Note:The wood grain, pattern and color of eachcommodity may be different, subject tothe real object.