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Label Wax Seal 標籤封蠟章

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Label Wax Seal 標籤封蠟章



No.07 標籤 3x1.4cm

No.08 標籤 3x1.4cm

No.09 標籤 3x1.2cm

No.10 標籤 3x1.4cm

No.11 標籤 2.7x1.7cm


內容:金色黃銅章頭與木柄 / 組+六顆蠟粒(顏色隨機)+紙盒










Label Wax Seal

In this era of electronization, writing is a kind of delight.  Originated from the 16th century, wax seal stamp was used by European nobility or royal family to seal an envelope.Its pattern could also be used for identification.There are also wax seal stamps made of family crests.

There are Five styles

No.07 Label 3x1.4cm

No.08 Label 3x1.4cm

No.09 Label 3x1.2cm

No.10 Label 3x1.4cm

No.11 Label 2.7x1.7cm

Words of Plants Postmark Wax Seal Stamp:

1Wax Seal Stamp + 6 Wax pellets + Box


Usage of the Wax Seal: 

1. You can make use of a “blank ink pad” with no ink, and pour a little bit salad oil on it; you can take the pattern side to dip a small amount of salad oil every time you use the seal, and it’s convenient for dewaxing as well as protecting the brass head.

2. You can pour at an appropriate place after a wax block or wax stick is heated and melted, affix the seal on the wax, and wait for five seconds approximately for it to cool down, and then take the seal up.

3. As for the sealing wax pattern after finishing affixing, if you would like to highlight the pattern, use an “oil-based pen” with any color you desire to make it more conspicuous or the “sealing wax cream” to rub on the pattern.


Preservation Method of the Wax Seal: 

1. If there is no need to use the wax seal, you can keep it in a carton, so that it can be kept dry, its chance of oxidization due to the contact with air for a long period of time can be decreased, and the collision which leads to the damage can be avoided.  

2. The “material” of the head of the wax seal is of “brass;” it will oxidize gradually owing to contacting the air, it’s a natural process, and the head of the seal can still be used.