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Little Bottle Stamp 小瓶子印章

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Little Bottle Stamp小瓶子印章

墨水試色章 Color Test Stamp for the Ink


有六款( 單顆販售,每顆尺寸都不同 )


No.01 / 4.1x6.2cm 小瓶子

No.02 / 3.7x6.6cm 小瓶子

No.03 / 4.7x5.9cm 小瓶子

No.04 / 4.9x5.8cm 小瓶子

No.05 / 4.6x5.7cm 小瓶子

No.06 / 4.7x6.2cm 小瓶子

Little Bottle Stamp ( Color Test Stamp for the Ink )

When there is a big bottle, of course, how can we do without a little bottle?  The Bottle Stamp of a mini version has the body of diverse modeling, and each bottle has its corresponding “label;” as for the remaining part, there is a blank space for you to decorate and write; it can be treated as a “color test stamp for the ink” to record the fountain pen ink collected by you.  


There are six styles ( It is sold individually, and the size of each one is different ).

Notice: The four corners of the wood are trimmed, and we adopt the “die cut” for the convenience to affix and for perfectly presenting the pattern.  

No.01 / 4.1x6.2cm

No.02 / 3.7x6.6cm

No.03 / 4.7x5.9cm

No.04 / 4.9x5.8cm

No.05 / 4.6x5.7cm

No.06 / 4.7x6.2cm