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One Roll of Travel Scenery Masking Tape 一卷旅行風景郵票紙膠帶

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One Roll of Travel Scenery Masking Tape 一卷旅行風景郵票紙膠帶



★ ★ ★ 影像皆為親自拍攝,沒有使用或購買圖庫,還請勿翻拍商用。★ ★ ★

NO.83 一卷旅行風景 / 手感紙 / 刀模

NO.84 一卷旅行風景 / 日本和紙 / 刀模

尺寸:4.6cm x 10M (189cm循環)

★ 一個循環共有60張日常風景


One Roll of Travel Scenery Masking Tape

Every moment during the journey is beautiful. With a roll of travel scenery adhesive tape, you can preserve these beautiful moments and stick them wherever you like.

NO.83 One Roll of Travel Scenery / Handfeel Paper Sticker Roll / Die-cut

NO.84 One Roll of Travel Scenery / Japanese washi paper / Die-cut

Size:4.6cm x 10M (189cm Cycle)

★ One cycle has 60 sceneries of daily life in total. 

★ ★ ★ The images or photos are all shot by myself, and I don’t use or purchase any image gallery or photo database; please do not copy it or them for commercial use! ★ ★ ★