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Scenery on Paper Handmade Book 紙上風景手工本

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Scenery on Paper Handmade Book 紙上風景手工本 網站限定款 Online stores only 



很重要:在手工本製作完清點時發現部分內頁本有少頁數狀況(目前是少一張四頁),可能是取紙的時候漏掉或少張,非故意偷工減料,亦即大多數手工本會有52頁,部分手工本會有48頁情況,此情況較多發生在「Travel Book 旅行本尺寸洗石子(黑白)」款,所以針對此款這部份,網站上的價格有做優惠,之後在製作時會加強注意這部分,造成困擾很抱歉(優惠折扣待內頁本售完即終止)。




  • 手工本為手工製作,會有手工痕跡,採用日本製縫線,手工縫線所以會有打結線頭。
  • 內頁紙張顏色與順序會與圖片略有不同,但是總張數是固定的。
  • 內頁紙張無法指定,只能選擇你要的「封面款式」。


  • 旅行本:尺寸 / 11x20.5 cm( 封面+內頁52頁 )
  • 護照本:尺寸 / 9x12.5 cm( 封面+內頁52頁 )


Daily Series日常系列 Travel Book 旅行本尺寸:





Passport Book 護照本尺寸:










Scenery on Paper  ( Daily Series ) Handmade Book ( One Pcs )

Most of the notebooks (inside pages) sold in the market take writing or notes as their.appeal, thus emphasizing the paper’s writing durability and ink absorbency; however, “Handmade Book,” which is composed of diverse imported papers, Japanese paper, and tracing paper, not only is available for writing, but also “puts relatively more stress on collage.” From “paper selection, cutting, matching, drilling, hand stitching, and trimming,” it’s completely handmade. Each handmade book has all sorts of papers, and the interweaving of papers with varied colors enable collage to be more abundant and amusing.  

No matter what kind of size you choose, each handmade book contains 48 or 52 pages. A lot of scraps of paper, stickers, wax seals, and stamps would be used for collage, and it’s easily to increase the thickness of the book; so the final number of the handmade book’s pages shall be decided by you after weighing your own use habits and considerations.

Remarks: The calculation way of printing the pages of the book shall be “One face = one page, namely, two faces = two pages.”

Whether on the cover or in the inside pages, the handmade book “has no printing of pictures, words, or gilding lines,” so as to let you bring into full play completely, inspire your creativity, and render you the freedom.   

( We only sell the handmade book, not including the articles on the demonstration picture. )


  • The handmade book is made by hand, and there will be traces owing to being handmade; it adopts the stitch thread made in Japan, and it’s stitched by hand, so there will be knotted end of thread.  
  • The colors and sequence of the inside pages will be slightly different from the pictures; however, the total number of pages will be fixed.  
  • You cannot designate the papers of the inside pages; you can only choose “the style of the cover” that you desire.

There are Two sizes:

  • Travel Book : Size / 11x20.5cm ( cover + 52 inside pages )
  • Passport Book : Size / 9x12.5cm ( cover + 52 inside pages )

Daily Series: Terrazzo, Pebble Wash ( black and white ), Pebble Wash ( colorful ), and Pebble Wash ( pink ).  

Cover page: Art paper. 

Inside page: Art paper, Japanese paper, tracing paper, kraft paper, and imported paper (The inside pages will be randomly arranged, and the manufacturing of each batch will be dissimilar.) 

Stitch thread: Hand stitch thread made in Japan.  

Packing: Transparent bag.