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Sekki & Zatsusetsu Maskint tape 節氣&雜節紙膠帶

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Sekki & Zatsusetsu Maskint tape 節氣&雜節紙膠帶




NO.77 節氣&雜節 / 日本和紙

NO.78 節氣&雜節 / 透霧PET+白墨

NO.79 節氣&雜節 / 透亮PET+白墨

尺寸:5.4 cm x 10M (150cm循環)

★ 一個循環共有40 組文字

Sekki & Zatsusetsu Maskint tape

The Sekki represent a chronological sequence of time, including Japan's miscellaneous seasons, which typically refer to periods outside the twenty-four Sekki . 

These times coincide with subtle changes in weather and climate during seasonal transitions. The Zatsusetsu in Japan also reflect the changing seasons, but unlike the solar terms, they may lack distinct markers or celebratory events. During these miscellaneous seasons, people may perceive subtle changes such as temperature, plant growth, and animal activity, all of which are part of the transition between seasons, reflecting the vitality and ever-changing nature of the natural world.

Each set of handwritten characters may vary slightly in stroke width and style due to individual writing habits and speed, deviating slightly from formal, standardized text in official documents. Please note that such variations are not flaws.


NO.77 Sekki & Zatsusetsu / Japanese washi paper

NO.78 Sekki & Zatsusetsu / Matte PET Masking Tape + white ink.

NO.79 Sekki & Zatsusetsu / Transparent PET + White Ink

Size : 5.4 cm x 10M (150cm Cycle)

★ There are a total of 40 sets in one cycle.