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Wa fu-getsu mei masking tape 和曆月別稱紙膠帶

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Wa fu-getsu mei masking tape 和曆月別稱紙膠帶



NO.80 和曆月別稱 / 日本和紙

NO.81 和曆月別稱 / 透霧PET+白墨

NO.82 和曆月別稱 / 透亮PET+白墨

尺寸:6.4cm x 10M (144cm循環)

★ ★ ★ 影像皆為親自拍攝,沒有使用或購買圖庫,還請勿翻拍商用。★ ★ ★

Wa fu-getsu mei masking tape

In the traditional Japanese calendar, each month is associated with specific alternative names or appellations. These aliases often reflect characteristics of Japanese culture, natural phenomena, agricultural activities, and so forth. 

For example, the first month is referred to as "Mutsuki," the second month as "Kisaragi," and so on. These alternative names find extensive application in Japanese literature, poetry, festivals, and other cultural contexts.

★ ★ ★ The images or photos are all shot by myself, and I don’t use or purchase any image gallery or photo database; please do not copy it or them for commercial use! ★ ★ ★

NO.80 Wa fu-getsu mei / Japanese washi paper

NO.81 Wa fu-getsu mei / Matte PET Masking Tape + white ink.

NO.82 Wa fu-getsu mei / Transparent PET + White Ink

Size : 6.4cm x 10M (144cm Cycle)