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Wa fu-getsu mei stamp 和曆月別稱印章

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Wa fu-getsu mei stamp 和曆月別稱印章



單顆尺寸:1.6cm x 2.6 cm


Wa fu-getsu mei stamps

In the traditional Japanese calendar, each month is associated with specific alternative names or appellations. These aliases often reflect characteristics of Japanese culture, natural phenomena, agricultural activities, and so forth. 

For example, the first month is referred to as "Mutsuki," the second month as "Kisaragi," and so on. These alternative names find extensive application in Japanese literature, poetry, festivals, and other cultural contexts.

Handwritten text for the alternate name of December, with laser engraving on the front of the stamp, and corresponding months on the side for easy identification.

One Stamp Size:1.6cm x 2.6 cm

Quantity :  A set of 12 pieces, packaged in wrapping paper.